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Pearls For Girls Jewellery Information

Please Note: 'Pearls For Girls' jewellery is made of natural materials.  Unlike factory-produced syntethic materials, the characteristics of natural materials will always have variations in colour, shapes, sizes, etc. and this is to be expected.

Silver Plated Jewellery

Pearls For Girls silver plated jewellery consists of either a copper or zinc base that is plated with silver and then covered in a protective varnish.  The purpose of the varnish is to protect the silver from turning yellow or black as it reacts with pollutants in the air (like unvarnished silver does).  To prevent the varnish from wearing off customers should avoid contact with skin lotions, perfume or water.  Should the varnish wwear off and your jewellery starts to turn colour, simply use a silver polish to bring the shine back.  For standard commercial silver dipping batchs, only silver jewellery dipping baths must be used.  In other words: no silver cutlery dipping baths and no gold jewellery dipping baths!

Items of jewellery with pearls, lapis, coral, turquoise, mother-of-pearl or hematite are not suitable for cleaning in a silver dipping bath.

Only the silver parts of leather, rubber and silk cords should be cleaned using a silver cloth.  Leather and silk cords must not be placed in a silver dipping bath.

Gold Plated Jewellery

Our gold plated articles consist of either a copper or a brass base wichi is plated with gold and then covered with a protective varnish.

Rose-Gold Plated Jewellery

Our rose-gold plated articles consist of either a copper or a brass base that is plated with a mixture of copper and gold and then covered with a protective lacquer.

Stainless Steel

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon.  The amount of carbin in the alloy determines the protperties of the steel.  Steel can also be alloyed with other elements such as chromium, creating steel with high corrosion resistance.  Stainelss steel is completely nickel free and won't tarnish.

Nickel, Lead and Cadmium

All parts of our jewellery are tested for nickel, lead and cadmium.  Pearls For Girls adheres to all EU guidelines and meet all the requriements.  (EU guidelines are much stricter than in North America.)

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are formed inside oysters and mussels.  They are created when a small object such as a grain of sand enters the mussel's shell.  Pearls For Girls' pearls come in the natural colours of white, pink and grey and also in a variety of dyed fashion colours such Navy, Mint and Turquoise.

Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones is an older term for minerals, rocks and other stones that are not as rare as 'real gems', but still have a decorative value for jewellery and ornaments.  An exact definition between precious and semi-precious stones does not exist.  Geologists believe that all semi-precious stones should simply be called gemstones.

Jewellery Care Instructions

We would like you to be able to enjoy your Pearls For Girls jewellery for years to come.  Correct and regular care can prolong the durability of the jewellery.  The following are some useful care instructions.

- Avoid direct contact with skin lotions, perfume and hair spray as it can remove the sheen and brilliance of the jewellery.

- Please aplly perfume and/or hair spray and let dry before putting on your Pearls For Girls jewellery.

- Avoid prolonged contact with water.  Remove the jewlelery before you enjoy a swim, a bath or a shower.  Please remove rings before doing dishees or gardening.

- Do not keep costume jewllery in the bathroom as this is generally a very damp environment.

- When not using jewellery keep it in a dry place such as the satin jewellery bag it came in.

- Please remove jewellery before going to bed.